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Hi, I'm Gloria


A native of Mobile, Alabama,  career evolved at John L Leflore Magnet School of Communication & Arts High School. While at Leflore, I was a student intern as a junior and senior, I was an active member of ROTC, Drill Team, Rifle Team, Church Chorus, and softball team. I spent my summers volunteering in my community  (i.e. cleaning the church and babysitting). 


 I currently work for Project R.I.G.H.T., Inc as the Village In Progress (VIP)/Family Advocate & Community Organizer.  There are currently five VIP Coalitions Roxbury, Bowdoin, Upham Corner, Mattapan, and Grove Hall. Each VIP neighborhood coalition work to improve the safety of residents in four high crime neighborhoods by organizing and forming active partnerships between city departments and community residents. Project RIGHT has prioritized resident leadership work as long-term solutions to some very complex and controversial social issues. The mission of PRI is to empower neighborhood residents and youth by building the capacity of individuals, resident-based organizations/associations by providing leadership and support​ to their organizing and civic activities.  PRI was also instrumental in leading the community design processes for such projects as:


  • The construction of the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, 

  • The renovation of the Jeremiah E. Burke High School and the Grove Hall Community Center.

  • Relocation of the Grove Hall Library Branch

  • The community Design process for Children's Park, Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 Schoolyard Initiative​

  • Michael Haynes Early Education Center Schoolyard Initiative​​


Equality Meets Opportunity

It is my greatest belief that the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field or endeavor. My object is to make certain that opportunity and access are there to aid that commitment. Visionary building capacity in communities with parent leaders of today and tomorrow; while establishing authentic relationships, intertwining inspiration and empowering youth, families, and community as a strong team. A dedicated team member with proven leadership and communication skills with a resilient attitude that will allow me to achieve the company's goals. A passionate/motivated individual offering a unique blend of organizational and technical skills. Over 25 years of experience developing resident leadership, implementing workshops, and community initiatives for nonprofit organizations and community. 

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