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Thank you for the invite to Wellness Day... All participants in Arts & Jewelry were quite

enthusiastic about applying their creative artistic skills. Presenters were AWESOME!

Food > Yummm 

Thank you!


SPEDPAC /Parent Leader 

 This Leadership Workshop was engaging, filled with self-reflection and challenges. Man! we have homework.

C. Rue

I was challenged during this workshop, Self-growth is important.


This is what I needed, Thank you  so much, I got a massage, facial, nails,  resources, and yoga, mindfulness all in one place Oh yea  lunch  and food to take home

Community resident

"When you love what you do, it does not work But Your Passion" This has stuck with me since the workshop. Gloria Thank you. I see my work differently.  T. Ruffin

OMG! this was great, I got clothes, food, and a homemade facial scrub/mask as a gift. Thank you.

Teens from BPS High Schools

220 is awesome, Gloria!  Now get some rest! 

Tania M. Mireles
Director, Violence Intervention & Prevention Initiative (VIP)
Division of Violence Prevention
Boston Public Health Commission

Well done  Gloria!! PRI Board

Great Job!

 "I saw you facilitate 6 years ago, you impacted me then. I wanted to be around you to learn more, challenge myself to speak like you. Today you surpassed my expectations of what I thought the workshop would be. I definitely want a part 2 for B & B" Thank you -C.Brown

Professor West is your new name.  I meet you at Tech Goes  Home Community Class and was in awe. Today, you l had me thinking, "what  have I contributed to my own leadership growth"

 My neighbor and I had not spoken in over 15 years due to past incidents on our street. Coming to this event; got us to talk. Life-changing -community residents

Oby, meeting you at a  residential meeting has built a wonderful relationship. Thank you for always helping and going the extra mile for the community. 

"Gloria, I have watched you grow over the years. I am so proud of the woman you have become. You stayed true to yourself. While teaching your children to give back, serving your community and maintaining your own personal growth. You have transformed.


Thank you to my co-workers for always supporting and assisting at my events. Without a great team, this work would not be possible- Gloria

Awesome job with TGH class, Thank you for your patience- Ms. Rose-GH Senior


Mary Pola
BPS Supervisor of Attendance
Opportunity Youth Department

You are a good facilitator/teacher. I learned how to do a PowerPoint at 78 years old. Thank you, Jesus! You still check-in and come to teach new things all the time.- Ms.Irma GH Senior

Ms.West, Thank you for always being concerned about us. You stepped in when teachers had given up on us. "said we be nothing" You made sure we had food, school supplies, clothes, and on many occasions somewhere to sleep.  Words can't begin to express appreciation for all you have done.  We have work experience, we are attending college, and we are better people because of your genuine love for your community. You always said, "  I will not enable you but provide the tools you need. All I ask is you do the same for someone else." Ms.West  we each have done this for someone who crossed our path. We are blessed to have crossed your path.We will stay in touch. Love you- your commuity youth ( all 6 of us)

Hello everyone,


I just got this Dorchester Reporter link.  Check out page 7 for a nice article and several photos from the first Grove Hall Day that took place on January 5th, organized by Gloria West, Grove Hall's VIP Coordinator.  I was there for most of the event and I was so impressed. Yoga, mind-body work, salsa and boot camp classes, local caterers (and great food), service providers with resources, manicures, massages, art ... and so many volunteers and resident leadership.  This event is indicative of what VIP is supposed to be -- grounded in community leadership, healing-centered engagement, and celebration of the many resources and resident assets of the neighborhood.  Kim was also there for the event and helped with pack up.  Mark was there networking, as were a couple of City Councillors. I hope we can get a good BPHC and COB/HHS turnout for the next one.  SAVE-THE-DATE -- Saturday, July 13.  We'll be in touch early and often with details. 

Page 7 of the Dorchester Reporter: 

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